LED Lights

LED stands for
Light Emitting Diode.
LED is a special type of semiconductor diode. Like a normal
diode, it consists of a chip of semi conducting material impregnated, or doped, with impurities
to create a structure called a p-n junction. As in other diodes, current flows easily from the p-
side or anode to the n-side, or cathode, but not in the reverse direction.

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Benefits of LED Lights over Traditional Lights Systems

  • LED have lower power requirements than competing technologies
  • Power Comparison of LED Light with Halogen Bulb
  • Power Comparison Of Incandescent lamps with LED lights
  • Power Comparison of CFL(energy saver & Tube lights) lamps with LED lights
  • LEDs are more durable, therefore leading to lower replacement costs
  • LEDs technology is rapidly advancing
  • LED lamps produce unidirectional light
  • Environmentally friendly options
  • LED are not sensitive to on-off cycling
  • ACFL lamps take inordinately long to achieve full brightness
  • No catastrophic failures!
  • Very Less Heat Generation
  • Long Life
  • Using a 10-watt Kaswa Power LED lights instead of a 100-watt incandescent lights
    reduces your CO2 emissions by more than 9,000 pounds over the life of the bulb.
  • LED lights are mercury free and create virtually no landfill.
  • LED lights reduce your environmental footprint on the planet

Comparison between LED and Incandescent Bulb & CFL

Comparison table for Working Life-span

Incandescent Bulb
3W 40W 5W
9W 150W 30W
12W 250W 40

LED is 90% energy saving compared with CFL
LED is 60% energy saving compared with Incandescent Bulb.
Comparison table for Power Consumption (8 hours/day, 365 days/ year)

LED Incandescent Bulb  
Electric Consumption Electric Consumption Electric Consumption
1W*8*365=2.92Kwh 25W*8*365=73Kwh 2397%
3W*8*365=8.76Kwh 40W*8*365=116.8Kwh 1233%
5W*8*365=14.6Kwh 60W*8*365=175.2Kwh 1100%
7W*8*365=20.4Kwh 100W*8*365=282Kwh 1328%
9W*8*365=26.2Kwh 150W*8*365=438Kwh 1566%
12W*8*365=35Kwh 200W*8*365=584Kwh 1567%


Electric Consumption
3W*8*365=8.76Kwh 5W*8*365=14.6Kwh 66%
5W*8*365=14.6Kwh 12W*8*365=35Kwh 140%
7W*8*365=20.4Kwh 24W*8*365=70Kwh 242%
9W*8*365=26.2Kwh 30W*8*365=87.6Kwh 233%
40W*8*365=116.8Kwh 233%

Luminous Flus & Application Efficiency

LED Incandescent Bulb
Approx 25000 hours/Pcs Approx 1500 hours/Pcs Bulb
1Pcs LED 16Pcs Bulb